Windows Embedded 8 Standard

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Embedded 8.

Facts about Windows Embedded 8 Standard:

  • Windows Embedded 8 Standard Release Preview is already available for public
  • Microsoft will provide Windows Embedded 8 Standard in three different versions: 32-Bit, 64-Bit and 64-Bit with Developer-Tools
  • Windows 8 will support x86 as well as ARM (ARM support is a part of Windows Embedded Enterprise) => Cauton: ARM platforms need own ARM drivers and ARM compiled applications. Not all ARM are supported. First Release is shipped without ARM-Support.
  • Modern Style (Metro) can be disabled
  • Windows Embedded 8 Standard is split into 150 components (based on Windows 8 Professional)
  • The installation process and configuration is similar like Windows 7 (Setup-DVD, ICE, DISM, Modules can be installed later all the time offline and online, etc)
  • File based write filter and Enhanced write filter will be combined into one write filter
  • Footprint size is similar to Windows 7
  • Minimum RAM requirements on target: 512 MB
  • Activation process and licensing: Same like Windows 7 (stamp CAL and forget)


  • Windows Embedded 8 Enterprise: 2012.12
  • Windows Embedded 8 Standard: 2013 first quarter (three quarters after official Windows 8 desktop launch)
  • Windows Embedded 8 Compact (no appointment available, probably third quarter of 2013)
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