It seems that PRISM technology will be favorized by implementing Wpf, Silverlight or Windows Phone 7 applications. My personal opinion is that the current development state of PRISM needs too much manual development effort for realizing a project. Some automated goodies would be needed for PRISM hardly. But I think they would be realized and available in conceivable time.

I prefer something between: Implementing M-V-VM with PRISM library. Especially the DelegateCommand of PRISM is a goodie which simplifies Commanding and improves the understanding MVVM and reading of written code lines remarquable.

In the following lines I have coded an MVVM with PRISM example. It is a simple master detail visualization.

Model (CPerson.cs):

ViewModel (MainViewModel.cs):

View (MainWindow.xaml):

And finally here you find the zipped project.

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