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Migrating old Visual Source Safe projects to Subversion

In some projects you have to migrate old code to a new state of the art. You may confrontated with code which is managed by Visual Source Safe. Additionally you have the requirements not to loose the history and labeled informations about the project.

For this requirements I made a good experiences with vss2svn-Tool. This tool allows you to migrate the complete project to subversion without loosing informations about labeled versions, timestamps of changes, user informations, etc.

You migrate the project with following commands:

vss2svn -vssdir "pathToVSSDatabase"
svnadmin load "pathToSubversionRepository" < "vss2svn-dumpfile.dat"

Remarks: On the project website is written that vss2svn is no longer under active development, but the migration works successfully – even under Windows 7 64-Bit-version.

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